The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project has three locations covering
the eastern, central, and western regions. Our Headquarters are
located in the Eastern Office in Philadelphia.


Eastern Region Office & General issues for entire state

Angus Love, Esq. - Executive Director
Su Ming Yeh, Esq. - Deputy Director
Michael T. Bailey, Esq. - Part-Time Attorney
Stephanie L. Thomas - Office Manager
Calysta Xenakes - Legal Assistant

Lewisburg Prison Project:
Central Region Office & Federal Prison Issues

Jim Davy, Esq. - Attorney
David Sprout - Paralegal
Elayne Sobel - Legal Assistant
Rebecca Armstrong - Outreach Coordinator

Western Region Office

Alexandra Morgan-Kurtz, Esq. - Attorney
Rebecca Susman - Development, Outreach, and Website Design
Julianna Brown - Paralegal

Board of Directors

Michael Carroll - President
D. Toni Byrd - Treasurer
Ann Schwartzman - Secretary
David Rudovsky
Peggy Sims
Mary Walsh
Rick Beaton
Eric Corson
Stephen D. Brown
Sam Silver
Bill Babcock
Wayne Jacobs
David Schumacher