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The Following Self-Help Materials are available, free of charge to eligible clients:

Some of the selections can be viewed by clicking on the title. Click on the images to view larger versions of the covers.

Prisoners' Rights Handbook
A Guide to Correctional Law Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States & the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
2013 Edition
Edited by Angus Love, Esquire with a special thanks to Eva De Lair, and Katherine Constantine and Adrienne Ghorashi of the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project.

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2013-2015 Criminal Justice Advocacy & Support Directory
A guide to services for Pennsylvania Inmates, Victims of Crime, and Their Families
This invaluable directory offers a listing of agencies in Pennsylvania that serve the needs of prison inmates, inmate families, victims, criminal justice professionals, volunteers, and support persons. A product of the cooperative efforts of CentrePeace, Inc. and the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project.

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How to Change Your Name
A Self-Help Guide
Produced by PILP, this guide offers step-by-step instructions to change your name either administratively or through the courts system. Complete with sample pleadings, it will make it possible for anyone eligible to legally change their name without the need for a lawyer.

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The Grandparents' Guide to Custody & Visitation in PA
Produced by PILP, this guide that assists grandparents navigate custody and visitation issues for their grandchildren.

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Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook:
How to Bring a Federal Lawsuit to Challange Violations of Your Rights in Prison
A much sought after self-help resource for prisoners challanging violations of their constitutional rights. This manual offers both specific details about fighting particular violations, as well as general lessons about the criminal justice system, and comes complete with sample pleadings.

Compassionate Release

An Informational Guide To Compassionate Release In Pennsylvania

To order any of these publications by mail, please send your request in writing to:

PA Instituational Law Project
718 Arch Street, Suite 304 South
Philadelphia, PA 19106

or email us: PA Institutional Law Project

Due to the costs of reproduction and shipping, requests are limited to one copy per publication.


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